Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Parvin's Royal Petite Tip!

Hope you have all enjoyed your long Diamond Jubilee weekend Petites and are now all red, white and blued out!

I thought I would finish the memorable celebrations off with a petite tip from the stylist of none other than the Her Majesty herself, Stewart Parvin.

Parvin has been stylist to the Queen since 2000 and designs her outfits for all official Royal occasions. In a recent article from the Mail Online, Parvin reveals that he like to dress the Queen in block colours, to elongate her tiny 5'4" frame.

The bright block colours worn by the Queen are also an excellent way to ensure that she is always visible and that she easily stands out from the crowd, which along with the fact that block colours elongate tiny frames, I thought was an excellent tip to share with you!

I was also amazed and very jealous to discover that the Queen has a servant with the same sized feet as her who;s job it is to breaks in  her shoes before she wears them to save her feet from blistering!!!! Oh if only ayyy!

Parvin, I salute you for this great petite tip!
Hope you enjoy it too Petites, and use it to stand out from the crowds despite your petiteness!


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